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Morgan State comes to the Barn - OFFICIAL GAME THREAD


Be warned this team may be dangerous! If we do not take them seriously this could be an ugly loss for our Golden Gophers. What is the catalyst for my caution?

Reggie Holmes!

Holmes is averaging 24.6 ppg and has put up 30+ on three different occasions this year. The Bears managed to upset Arkansas a couple weeks ago and knocked in 34 points to lead them to the win. Kevin Thompson is averaging a double-double for the Bears who do have more to them than just Holmes.

Morgan State starting lineup

G - Sean Thomas (3.5 ppg and 3.5 apg)
G - Reggie Holmes (24.6 and 4.1 rpg)
F - Dewayne Jackson (10.1 and 4.6)
F - Kevin Thompson (13.4 and 11.4)
F - Rodney Stokes (6.4 and 4.4)

The Bears tend to score very efficiently but they also allow a lot of points. I'm not going on record saying we are in trouble tonight, but if we don't take this game even a little bit seriously we are in trouble!

Go Gophers!