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Brewster to decommit and head to Kansas?

Tuesday afternoon rumors started surfacing that Brewster was a candidate for the vacant head coaching position at Kansas. Once the rumors surfaced the local beat writers did their job and went to Athletic Director, Joel Maturi for quotes.  What they did NOT get was any sort of definitive vote of confidence that Maturi will do what it takes to keep coach Brewster here or even a hint that he wants him here.  What we did get were quotes like this.

"There are rumors that he's going to Kansas, so I don't know,"Maturi told the Pioneer Press today. "What can I say? So I can't guarantee it, no. I can't guarantee the decisions of other people."

and this from Youngblood,

And if a coach wants to look around for another job, Maturi said he isn't going to stop him.

"I don't think it's inappropriate, if the coach is doing what he thinks is in his best interest," Maturi said from New York Tuesday.

Again, not exactly strong words but reading between the lines those quotes are saying an awful lot. The lack of any conviction from Maturi made this non-story a story.  But wait, it gets even more interesting.

Gopher "insider", Lou Nanne was on the Dan Barriero show and had this to say about the situation.

Well, uh, what I heard is that some friends of Brewster's have actually called Kansas. It wasn't Brewster's agent, it wasn't Brewster, but they called Kansas and see if they might have some interest in him but that's about the extent of it.

Nanne played it off as no big deal and this will all blow over.  But this is not normal.  By most accounts Brewster is not considered a serious candidate for the KU job. 

Now this is of course unconfirmed and CLEARLY none of us know exactly what is going on with any of the parties.  But this is not normal. 

Maybe Brewster did float his name for an open job, that is not unheard of.  But typically it is for a job that is not a lateral move.  Glen Mason was in the running for Ohio State, but who can blame him for that?  If this is true that he was wondering about the Kansas job, what does that say about what he thinks of the Minnesota job.  On the other side, often times an AD is less than forthcoming about the current coach's future, but that does not usually paint a Rosey picture for the program.  If Maturi was already debating whether or not to give Brewster a contract extension, this certainly isn't going to help.

MAYBE this all blows over and is completely being overblown by the media and on internet message boards.  Remember, Brewster has yet to say anything publicly here and Maturi didn't actually say anything.  But this doesn't pass the optimist smell test.  I don't see this going away and I don't see any good coming from this.

First of all it absolutely kills recruiting (which is already suffering from a rash of decommits).  Secondly messages were sent between both of the primary parties.  Maybe they already knew how the other felt but now this whole sorted affair is becoming public.

Maturi is essentially entrenched in a no-win situation.  Is he now forced to make a move on Brewster after just three seasons?  Or is he going to have to rush into a contract extension to make this all go away? I don't know what the hell is going on or how this is all going to play out but it is not good. 

These two guys need to get things figured out and move forward.  If Maturi wants Brewster around then make a statement by signing him to an extension.  I'm not saying sign him for life, but do something to put this in the past and stop handcuffing recruiting.  And if he's not sure then make a move, don't flounder.  I know that firing him after only three years is not good practice but he needs to act with some conviction.

This whole thing is embarrassing and needs to go away.