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Brewster to Kansas rumors OPEN TREAD

This is quite the story (or non-story that has become a story that eventually may be a complete non-story) and it has Gopher Nation fired up. 

Let's use this single thread for all remaining discussion.

Links of Note

  • TDG wonders if Brewster is the next decommit?
  • Pioneer Press original story.
  • Star Tribune original story.
  • STrib's Michael Rand gives us his take.  And here is the money line...
    All that said, prevailing sentiment is that Brewster isn't going anywhere -- at least not on his own. He hasn't proven enough to command even jobs that would be considered lateral moves. That will leave Maturi to make a call that has risks in both directions: fire Brewster and essentially start over again, producing some chaos and possibly losing seasons for a team trying to fill a new stadium and create excitement; or extend him and run the risk that things go from mediocre to worse -- leading to a deeper hole for the program and an even bigger buyout down the road with more seasons left on Brewster's contract.

I'm sure there will be much more to come.  Eventually someone at the U (Maturi, Brewster, whoever) will likely have to make a more definite statement.