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Golden Nugz for 2.13.09

So, the men's hockey team is playing so poorly that Alaska-Anchorage bloggers are taking pot-shots at the U. Not cool.

This from the curiously named UAA Hockey Fan Blog.

It is time to face the evil. Tomorrow night the UAA Seawolves take on America's Team.  They are the New York Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys combined.  When one thinks of college hockey; one thinks of the Minnesota Golden Gophers and that upside down W.  Seriously, what font has an M with queerly splayed legs?  An "M" has straight legs everywhere on Yahweh's green earth except in Minnesota.

Lucia is Sauron, the Roman Emperor, Xerxes, Longshanks, the Borg, Dick Cheney and yes ... the Grinch; he is embodiment of whatever evil nasty opponent you can think of.  I bet he is from Iceland.

It's always sweet to beat the Gophs.  Ask any of the WCHA teams that have swept them recently.  Their burgers and fries tasted better all week after downing the ugly M's.  Defeating evil is like that.

You really have to hand it to the Alaskans, and there's no doubting the writer here knows a thing or two about facing evil. I mean, for how many years have our Alaskan friends stared down the Rooskies? 

  • So, 4-star RB Travis Ward is eligible, according to the PiPress, but because wide receivers coach George McDonald just bolted for the Cleveland Browns, Wardnis saying "I don't know what I'm going to do yet."
  • Iowa's Kirk Ferentz has a new contract that will have him in Iowa until 2015--though no pay increase.
  • MgoBlog is now demanding donations from readers.
  • I disagree with Jim Tressell. According to the Columbus Post Dispatch, the OSU coach is opposing a potential NCAA rule change that would nullify touchdowns if an unsportsmanlike penalty (taunting) is called on the scoring team during the play. Essentially, it would make an unsportsmanlike penalty a live ball infraction. (HT-Rittenberg)
  • When Don Lucia's boys try to get healthy this weekend against Alaska-Anchorage, the Gophers will be playing a team in turmoil, writes Roman Augustoviz. Is this a must-sweep weekend?
  • Three Gophers baseball players--left fielder Eric Decker, center fielder Matt Nohelty and reliever Scott Matyas have been named to the Big Ten's preseason all-conference team.
  • Finally, reminder to all of you. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Don't forget!