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GameThread: Northwestern at Minnesota

The Gophers have lost two straight and six of nine. After a 16-1 start that included wins over Louisville, Wisconsin and Ohio State, Tubby Smith's second Minnesota team has fallen on hard times. Tonight they need to right the ship.

We know what happened the last time Minnesota faced Northwestern. After a tight first half, the Wildcats blew the Gophers away with an extended 1-3-1 defense that it appeared the Gophers hadn't prepared for. Knowing what's coming this time, hopefully the coaching staff put in a gameplan to fight the 1-3-1.

Tubby made a lineup change against Michigan with the hopes of creating a spark. It didn't really happen, but I'd still like to see Paul Carter in the starting lineup, and hopefully joine by Devoe Joseph for a Al Nolen, Joseph, Damian Johnson, Carter and Ralph Sampson III lineup.

We'll see.

Game time is 6 p.m. central time on the Big Ten Network. I'll be in the game thread below for the game, though I'm really tempted to see what Kate Winslet is wearing at the Oscars.