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Golden Nugz for 2.23.09

This was written before Sunday night's Gophers-Northwestern game, but win or lose the Gophers have three games remaining to salavage a once promising season. Whether the Gophers finish 10-8 or 7-11, I want to ask the following question before I get to a few bullets.

What pleases you about the Tubby Smith era so far and what would you like to see changed?

From my perspective, I have one request. I want to see the coaching staff be more creative offensively. Part of that will come as Tubby brings in more of his own players. Rodney Williams might be the most athletic freshman in the nation next year, so that will help as Tubby brings in more players that can create their own shots.

But for the rest of the season, I want to see a plan on offense. I want set plays if that's what's needed.

What about you?

  • It's really been a trying month for the two major men's programs. The basketball team's slide has been painful for us basketball fans. And it's obvious that the struggles of Don Lucia's team is frustrating for the blogger at Gopher Puck Live. Lucia's boys were swept this weekend by Colorado College. More here.
  • Minnesota's athletic department will finish in the black in part because of higher than expected turnout for men's basketball games this season, Sid Hartman reports.
  • Sunday afternoon before Tubby's Gophers faced Northwestern, I noticed this Fire Bill Carmody Web site. Considering it's been around since early 2006, I'd say the blog hasn't been effective!!! And I don't really think Carmody should be fired. At a very tough place to coach, Carmody seems to hold his own.
  • Jay Bilas has ideas to improve the NCAA selection process.
  • You probably saw the Jim Calhoun incident over the weekend, but if you missed it you can find it here. Some reporter was asking Calhoun about giving some of his salary back to UCONN due to the tough economic times. Calhoun tried to dodge the questions with humor before it got a bit testy. I think the questions are relevant for any coach at a state school.
  • Local television news guy Eric Perkins apparently thinks Tubby Smith should cater to his needs more than he is doing now.