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Golden Nuggets 02.25.09

Almost Gophers, this is a great idea for a post done by DownWithGoldy.  He has taken a look at a guys Tubby was recruiting a year ago who, for whatever reason, ended up elsewhere.  Guys like Bergren, Brommer, Jordon Taylor, Verdell Jones and Draymond Green are easy names to remember and keep an eye on because they are playing in the Big Ten, but remember guys like Krys Faber and Nathan Garth? 

Interesting post and fun to think about IF they were playing for the Gophers how that would affect the current roster/rotation.

  • I had heard this before but the MN Daily is telling us that if Chicago were to host the 2016 Olympics, TCF Stadium would be host to Olympic Soccer matches in the prelim rounds.
  • Gopher Women's Swimming and Diving failed to defend their 2008 Big Ten Championship finishing second this year to Indiana.
  • What is going on with the Gopher hockey team?  Swept by CC last weekend and falling to seventh in the WCHA.  I don't watch them very often but can someone tell me what is going on?  Is this all stemming from the Lucia medical mystery or was this coming long before that happened?
  • How about an early statistical look at the 2009 Big Ten football season.  This guy's model tells you to sell Minnesota cause this year may not be pretty.  Clearly he doesn't know about Fisch or Cosgrove.
  • Gopher baseball is hosting the DQ Classic this weekend.  I attended last year and found it to be kind of fun.  This year they are hosting Hawaii, Washington and UC-Santa Barbara.  You can also click here to vote on the top players in DQ Classic history.  There are some impressive names who have played in this littl tourney.  Mike Mussina, Trevor Hoffman, JD Drew, Deon Sanders and Troy Glaus just to name a few.