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Hoops Blog Poll - new, improved and back on

Brian over at MGO blog has finally given in and has implemented a basketball version of his supurb football blog poll.  We, of course, are excited to be a part of his blog poll and this is the first official week.  The official poll, the peripherals and the summary will be available on, results should be posted anytime this afternoon.

Below is my initial ballot.  I'll be honest that this first ballot was thrown together rather quickly to get it submitted in time.  Typically I will use a combination of Ken Pom stats, recent play and my own interpretation of a sort of power poll.  Meaning as the season goes along early season wins decrease in value.  I should also note that I am not a huge believer in head-to-head results meaning anything more than team A beat team B on that particular day.  Minnesota vs. Louisville is a perfect example of this.  I'd be a fool to put Minnesota ahead of L'ville in any ballot just because the Gophers beat them on a neutral court.  However that can be a determining factor on teams that are relatively even in record, SOS, KenPom, etc.  But basketball is a fluid sport where Wake can beat North Carolina but then lose Virginia Tech a couple games later. 

So that is a tiny look into how I'll be voting.  As with the football poll please help me to fix any glitches.  I'm sure my ballot has a few whack rankings and I will either defend them or I'll take any constructive criticsm to heart and make the necessary changes in my next ballot.  With all of that said here is my first go at the hoops Blog Poll...

Rank Team
1 Connecticut
2 Oklahoma
3 North Carolina
4 Pittsburgh
5 Louisville
6 Duke
7 Wake Forest
8 Marquette
9 Memphis
10 Clemson
11 Villanova
12 Xavier
13 Michigan St.
15 Texas
16 Purdue
17 Butler
18 Kansas
19 Utah St.
20 Missouri
21 Arizona St.
22 Gonzaga
23 Illinois
24 Washington
25 Ohio St.


the end.