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Bubble-ology - Friday morning

Things are looking much better for the Gophers after their NU, but nothing is secure yet so let's keep going with Bubble-oloy

What helped on Thursday

  • The Gophers - TCOB, should be in expecially considering other bubble teams lost on Thursday.  To fall out now some bigger upsets would have to happen around the country.
  • Louisville over Providence
  • Virginia Tech over Miami 
  • Xavier over St. Louis
  • Arizona State over Arizona.  Arizona looks to be NIT bound at this point, they are still holding on but this loss does not help.
  • Wyoming over New Mexico - Poor Steve Alford's run at an NCAA bid appear to be over.

What hurt on Thursday

  • Michigan and Penn State dominating - we won, but so did they and their games were dominating.  At least Northwestern is considered a better win than beating Iowa or Indiana.
  • San Diego State won another game, they need to lose before they win their conference tourney.
  • Baylor over Kansas - this isn't bad (yet), just alarming.  Baylor is talented, they just haven't played very well this year.  It is teams like this that we cannot have making a run and winning their conference automatic bid.  Nice win, but go ahead and lose now.
  • Kentucky big over Ole Miss - again, not bad (yet).  Kentucky cannot make a big run through the SEC.  They'll get in with worse a resume (like a hot chick gettinng hired with less qualifications than the old fat guy, it just is what it is).

Who are we cheering for on Friday?

  • Gophers in a major upset!  This would guarantee a bid and likely make us a higher seed for our first round game.  
  • North Carolina over Virginia Tech - Hokies are close and we want all bubble-icious teams to lose.
  • LSU over Kentucky - I'm telling you I greatly fear Kentucky winning the SEC tourney.  Go Tigers.
  • Miss St over S Carolina
  • Illinois BIG over Michigan
  • Wake Forest over Maryland
  • BYU over San Diego State

Have fun today!