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Selection Sunday Conversations

Judgment day is upon us. Have Tubby Smith's Golden Gophers done enough to be included in the Field of 65? We'll know early this evening. Use this thread to discuss the day's games, the committee's decisions, bubbles that burst and any match-ups.

Most of the experts have the Gophers in between a 10 and 12 seed. But two years removed from the Monson/Molinari era, having this young team in the NCAA Tournament would be an obvious step in the right direction.

There's one game to watch closely today that could have an impact on Minnesota's inclusion in the tournament. The SEC probably only has two teams that will receive an at-large bid--Tennessee and LSU. But Tennessee plays Mississippi State in the SEC Final this afternoon. If Mississippi wins, the Bulldogs will take a spot away from someone.

Other topics to discuss:

  • Digger Phelps' color coordinated highlighters. And why is he and the other ESPN talking heads obsessed with Arizona?
  • The Big Ten Championship between Ohio State--wow, did they play well yesterday--and Purdue.
  • How Creighton can actually make it after being blown out in their conference tournament and playing a horrible non-conference schedule.
  • Do you miss Billy Packer calling games for CBS? Is Clark Kellogg an improvement?
  • I feel bad for Penn State. Talor Battle is great. Love him. Jamelle Cornley is too. And they finished 10-8 in the Big Ten and are probably the one Big Ten bubble team that doesn't make it. But looking at their non-conference slate, perhaps the most impressive win was at ACC cellar-dwellar Georgia Tech. They lost to Temple and Rhode Island, have three Big Ten wins against Indiana/Iowa and a loss to Iowa.
  • How big was that win against Louisville? Would bracketoligists have the Gophers on the outside looking in if they hadn't upset Pitino and company in Arizona?