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Gophers vs. Texas - A Very Quick First Look

Your Golden Gophers are NCAA tournament bound for the first time since the 2004-05 season and only the second time since Clem Haskings era. Here is your facts only quick glance at our opponent, the Texas Longhorns. For a seasons' worth of info on the Longhorn's basketball season head over to Burnt Orange Nation (easily one of the best college blogs out there).


Minnesota Texas
Seed 10 7
Record 22-10 22-11
Conf Rec 9-9 (8th) 9-7 (6th)
SOS 37 44
RPI 42 41
KenPom 45 28

Starters and key players

PPG YR Size Minnesota Texas Size Yr PPG
6.6 SO 6-1 Al Nolen G A.J. Abrams 5-11 SR 16.3
12.4 JR 6-0 Lawrence Westbrook G Dogus Balby 6-0 SO 3.3
3.7 SR 6-5 Jamal Abu-Shamala F Justin Mason 6-2 JR 6.4
9.7 JR 6-7 Damian Johnson F Damion James 6-7 JR 15.4
6.4 FR 6-10 Ralph Sampson III C Dexter Pittman 6-10 JR 10.0
6.5 SO 6-4 Blake Hoffarber (G) Gary Johnson (F) 6-6 SO 10.5
5.3 SO 6-8 Paul Carter (F) Varez Ward (G) 6-2 FR 3.7
4.1 JR 6-5 Devron Bostick (F/G) Connor Atchley (F/C) 6-10 SR 4.8
5.1 FR 6-3 Devoe Joseph (G) Clint Chapman (F/C) 6-10 SO 2.1
5.5 FR 6-10 Colten Iverson (C )

For both teams the starting lineups could look differently on Thursday. Hopefully someone other than JAS starts for Minnesota and Gary Johnson has been a starter for much of the season.

Both teams seem to have good size and it is a good match up for the Gophers considering the Longhorn's best scorers will be matched up with our best defenders. I'll get into the players and match ups more as we get closer to the game but this is just to help you familiarize yourself with the roster.