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Hoops Blog Poll

I was unable to submit a ballot before the deadline last week but here it is for this week...

At the top

I struggled with how to rank my top few teams.  Pitt has beaten UCONN but they also lost this week and that has been UCONN's only loss in 2009.

And I wasn't real confident in Memphis but then I looked at their schedule.  They haven't lost since before Christmas and over that stretch they have won @ Tenn, @ Gonzaga, Cincy and bubble team UAB (twice).  They are not as talented as last year and they do have weaker competition in CUSA, but you can't ignore the 20 game win streak. 

The next three could all be in any order and I wouldn't have an argument with it.  L'vill gets the nod for not losing this week, UNC dropped one to Maryland in OT but Oklahoma has lost two of their last three so they drop the most (I probably should factor in the Griffin injury but I didn't).


Rank Team
1 Connecticut
2 Memphis
3 Pittsburgh
4 Louisville
5 North Carolina
6 Oklahoma
7 Michigan St.
8 Kansas
9 Duke
10 Louisiana St.
11 Gonzaga
12 Marquette
13 Washington
14 Purdue
15 Wake Forest
17 Butler
18 Villanova
19 Illinois
20 Arizona St.
21 Clemson
22 Missouri
23 Brigham Young
24 Xavier
25 Rhode Island

There is no time to amend any errors but let me know the error of my ways and I'll be sure to account for them next week with the final regular season ballot.