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Golden Nugz...wants YOU

I_want_you_mediumGolden Nugz is needing your help. 

First of all we want to extend a TDG invitation to publish your very own Golden Nugz.  Since the basketball team is finished and the football team will not fully begin until August, this is kind of a dead period in the blogging world. 

We would like to give our loyal readers the chance to post some o their favorite links.  Gopher related, other Minnesota sports, your favorite blogs, politics, whatever (appropriatness is kind of important though).  Those of you who may be intersted send us an e-mail (  We will set up a day for you and go from there.

Secondly we very much desire your feedback.  What would you like to see during the offseaon?  This will be a time to catch up on recruiting, review basketball, look ahead to football, cover a little baseball, etc.  But what do you want to see?  Anything you have seen on other blogs that would work here?  Anything Gopher related you'd like us to write about or put some research into?  You a huge part of why we do this so tell us what you want to see.