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I Propose a Nickname Contest for Patrick Reusse

Reusse_20author_20pix_inline_mediumFor awhile I decided not to link to his spiteful columns about the University of Minnesota. No more. I'm going to link to all of his drivel and point to areas where he strategically omitted facts, or ignored them altogether.

Here's his latest attack-fest on the University and Joel Maturi where he tries to be clever by suggesting some sort of pattern called The Year of the Collapse. He ranks 7 U sports that he believes collapsed down the stretch of the season. He of course fails to note that the men's basketball team, for instance, made the NCAA Tournament for the first time since Vincent Grier led the lads to the dance. He omits that the baseball team recently went and took a series from TCU and found itself nationally ranked. He strangely refers to the volleyball players as "hitwomen." Is that volleyball jargon or did Reusse sit at his keyboard for 20 minutes thinking of that? He claims Pam Borton's women collapsed, even though they went ON THE ROAD in the NCAA Tournament and upset Notre Dame. Yes, they fell to a #2 seeded team in the Round of 32, but these things happen and aren't the things collapses are made of.

Finally, he's taken to calling Tim Brewster "Blackie?" Really Pat? "Blackie?"

Our friend Tru at A Sea of Blue refers to a constant mainstream media naysayer as The Loathsome Troll. I'd steal that but Reusse is nothing resembling a troll. So, what should we call this hack who is clearly just mailing it in at this point.