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Golden Nuggets for 3.4.09

You know what I'd really like to see happen tonight?

With about one minute left in a somewhat close win by Minnesota over Wisconsin, I'd like to see Wisconsin senior Joe Krabbenhoft foul out and be serenaded to his seat below The Barn's floor with a rousing version of "left, right, left, right, left, right, SIT DOWN."

I'm not exactly sure why, but Krabbenhoft might be one of the most annoying Badgers in recent memory. He simply embodies everything that is Bo Ryan basketball. I'm not trying to slam Krabbenhoft, this is a compliment. He's hard-nosed, plays solid defense, and like most Ryan players, has limited offensive ability.

And so it's no surprise that Ryan is crediting Krabbenhoft, and fellow senior Marcus Landry, for an improved defensive effort over Wisconsin's last 7 games (where they are 6'1) to help the team rebound from an 0-6 slide.

On Sunday, Krabbenhoft was assigned to guard Manny Harris, the leading scorer in the Big Ten this season. For Ryan, the work ethic shown on defense by Krabbenhoft has paid dividends on the court.

“Joe just goes hard all the time, so that’s always going to get results.

Furthermore, part of what has enabled Landry and Krabbenhoft to become premier defenders is their experience on the court.

“Everybody that has been back a year has been better defensively,” Ryan said.

Didn't see the Wisconsin-Michigan tilt, but Krabbenhoft manning up on Manny Harris is impressive. Thankfully for the Gophers, we don't have an athletic wingman that can score at will, so I'm not sure who Krabbenhoft will be called on to sit down.

Whoever it is, here's hoping Krabbenhoft and the Badgers are swept by the Gophers out of Minnesota.

  • Tubby Smith and UK's BIlly Gillispie are mentioned in this Bleacher Report post that suggests fanbases get the coaches they deserve.
  • Tubby Smith names Ralph Sampson III and Colton Iverson as his team's most consistent players this season. I'd swap Damian Johnson for Colt 45, but I think the point here is that Tubby's saying his backcourt has been atrocious.
  • I tend to agree with this assessment from an NBC writer that Minnesota must win against Wisconsin and Michigan to win. This article looks at a handful of teams that need to do some work this week. No pressure.
  • Another new SBNation Big Ten blog. Now Hoosiers fans are represented by The Crimson Quarry. Say hello to John when you have a chance. It's a rough season for IU fans.
  • Finally, I found this very interesting courtesy of Adam Rittenberg. Former Ohio State star Maurice Clarett is blogging from prison. I agree with Rittenberg, Clarett's blog is worth checking out. Here's a passage I liked, as I probably share Clarett's disdain for our natinoal sports media.
    There’s no need to talk to a reporter these days. I am my own newspaper. I am my own editor. I am my own censor. I am able to put things into the proper context. I am able to control the content and I am educated enough to accurately express myself. I am able to distinguish to people in a unique fashion that football is just something that I do. Football is not Maurice Clarett.

    Instead of entertaining people with my life, I am using certain events to educate, inspire and help others make conscious choices so they can avoid circumstances like this. It is easy to say that I messed up my life and show pictures while creating a storyline for entertainment, but it does nothing for humanity as a whole. That’s good for water cooler conversation, but it does nothing for the young men who didn’t make it to the NFL and have no future in college and are looking to the streets for an outlet. Newsflash: Crime costs tax payers’ money. If I can help a few young men make better decisions, then maybe America can save a few dollars. Time in prison was necessary due to my actions but it’s my personal belief that I can use my celebrity to assist more people in so many creative ways that I’ve come up with than to occupy this cell at $25K per year.