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Golden Nugz for 04-01-09

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I'm leading with something non-Gopher related since Calipari behing hired as the highest paid coach in college basketball is kind of a big story.  Personally I think this is a great hire for Kentucky and a great spot for Calipari.  Kentucky is getting someone who is a great recruiter, they are getting someone who will relish the spotlight and they are getting a proven winner.  Calipari is getting a chance to prove he can be the best and he's getting a job that will have virtually unlimited resources.  This is a match made in bluegrass heaven.

The biggest shocker of the story is THIS

John Calipari put together an outstanding 2009 recruiting class for Memphis. Now, it might be coming apart.

Two signees say they have agreements from the school that would release them from their scholarships should Calipari leave. One player who has publicly committed and another who is interested say Calipari's departure could change their minds.

I guess it makes sense.  If I'm a top notch player and I agree to go to a Conference USA school because I believe the coach can take me to the Final Four, then I don't want to get screwed when he leaves for greener pastures.  It is likely that this will be more common in years to come.

  • Interesting nugget for the political junkies among us.  Apparently President Obama has former Gopher and the man who many hope will succeed Brewster, Tony Dungy, on a short list for the White House Advisory Council on Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships.  I don't want this to turn into a political discussion but this is an intriguing choice on Pres. Obama's.
  • I'll stick with politics for a minute.  Apparently the U of MN has been rather busy in this current legislative session.  The Minnesota Daily has a comprehensive recap of what concerns our favorite division 1 institute in this state.
  • Miami of Ohio's hockey team has made the Final Four (or Frozen Four I guess) and Joel Maturi is getting a little credit.  Maturi is the one who hired a young and inexperienced Enrico Blasi, then 27, to coach the RedHawks.  Maybe one of his recent hires will lead to a Final Four or BCS game or something sweet like that!!!