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How about Sparty!!??!!??

The Big Ten's MIchigan State Spartans have advanced to the NCAA Championship game after upending UCONN Saturday in impressive fashion. And for those Big Ten bashers out there, please remember that Sparty has just dispatched two consecutive #1 seeds from the Big East?

As they did during conference play, the Spartans were efficient in their half-court sets. They attacked on the run when defenses were susceptible. And they played a Big Ten brand of hard-nosed defense. UCONN's AJ Price couldn't get a deceint shot off all afternoon. What else did Sparty do? They dominated the offensive glass and their bench far exceeded the production of UCONN's.

The Big Ten champion is representing us well. I was a Sparty fan today and will be again Monday against either Villanova or North Carolina.

Use this as an open thread for all of your Final Four thoughts.