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What Should We Call TCF Bank Stadium?

Awhile back we had a contest to name our almost daily set of links to Gophers and other content of interest. You all did a good job coming up with Golden Nuggets, even if I preferred Rodent Droppings. We also had a session discussing possible nicknames for Gophers basketball players. Colt 45 was obvious. DJ Swat was fun.  Absolute Zero accurately described the number of three pointers Al Nolen would hit during the Big Ten season!

Anyway, with thos past nickname successes behind us, we again want to ask you to weigh in. This time, we desperately need something creative to call the soon to be operational new football stadium on campus. There's no getting around corporate sponsorships these days, but this is the blogosphere where we can call things whatever we like.

So, what should we call TCF Bank Stadium? GN and I will keep this post up top for a day or two and collect responses and then have a vote as we've done in the past. Winner gets a prize of some sort (GN and I haven't decided what that is yet, but there'll be something).

Let your creative juices flow ........