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Golden Nugz for 05-27-09 - likes recruiting

The guys at BHGP are correct in their gramatical assesment here, but Gopher fans love to hear that recruiting is going well and would love to see more talent upgrade.


Grammar errors aside, if the self proclaimed proclamation is true then I really (REALLY) hope Iowa fans and other Big Ten schools have more to worry about then weather or knot Brewster ken spell good. 

Ed note: notice I said I "hope" they have something more to worry about, not that they DO.  0-55 should give Hawkeye fans some breathing room but reversing that score begins with recruiting.

Recruiting feels like it has been slow and there really doesn't seem to be a buzz around quite yet but I think Gopher fans have reason to be excited.  First of all we have yet to hit June and Brewster and staff already have two 4-star rated kids verbally committed for next year.  Jimmy Gjere is the 7th overall tackle in the nation (49th best player overall) and Lamonte Edwards is a 4-star kid out of Woodbury.  Both kids are local and will likely be the #2 and #3 ranked players out of the state. 

We have gotten spoiled in recruiting over the last few years.  Just a couple years ago if we would have two 4-star kids verbally committed in May Gopher fans would be thrilled.  Really just a few years ago if we had two 4-star kids in the finished and signed class we'd be thrilled, now it will feel like a down year.  The fact is we are already shaping up to have another ranked recruiting class and there IS reason to be excited.

  • The NHL version of the combine is this week.  Because we are the state of hockey (should that be capitalized?  I'll ask BHGP), there are a number of Minnesota kids who are going to be highly scrutinized.  I'm sure most of you can offer more color on these kids than I can but here are a few MN kids who will be looked at...

    Zach Budish - Edina HS center who would have been a lock for a super high draft pick had he not been injured playing football. 
    Seth Helgeson - Gopher commit from Faribault
    Ben Hanowski - Little Falls HS RW who holds the state goal record
    Jordan Schroeder - Gopher freshman who is a candidate for the Hobey Baker trophy next year if he sticks around.
  • A brief look at LSU's opponents in this weekend's regional (done by an LSU media outlet so they are excluded).
  • How about some good PR for Brewster.  At a recent fund raising event for Darrell Thompson's "Bolder Options" charity, Brewster donated $2,500 which is enough to sponser one child for a full year in the program.