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Golden Nugz for 5.29.09

I really hope it's an accident. As noted in a fanpost to the right and at Mike Hlas' site here, it appears the Gophers' 2009-10 football media guide omits Iowa's 55-0 shellacking of our beloved rodents last year.

The Wizard of Odds has more here.

It'll be a matter of hours before the lads at Black Heart Gold Pants, in Triumph the Insult Comic Dog fashion, weigh in.

It's an accident, right?

  • RSIII getting some recognition. He'll be trying out with 16 others for the Team USA 19-and under team that will compete in New Zealand this summer. There's a great group of young collegiate players in the mix for spots on this team that will be coached by Pittsburgh's Jamie Dixon. More here.
  • And here we have the Washington Post basically smacking veteran Star Tribune scribe Sid Hartman. Grandpa Sid reported recently  (based on an incorrect report) that Hyattsville, MD, running back Marcus Coker had committed to the Gophers. One problem. Coked didn't! Here's the Post: "So you're DeMatha running back Marcus Coker and you wake up one morning and learn that you've committed to play for Minnesota. Small problem omitted from various reports - included the one I linked, which includes no attribution - Coker didn't really accept a scholarship offer to play for the Golden Gophers."
  • Nice move here by Brewster and the U football folks to have Murray Warmath serve as honorary coach in the opener of the new stadium.
  • Why is it that perhaps the oldest man in Big Ten football is the only one with a vision? Joe Paterno is arguing for a 12th team in the conference and a conference championship game so the Big Ten isn't relegated to the sidelines in December. Paterno wants a 12th team to come from the East, and I think that's good if possible. It would give PSU a logical inter conference rival. And he's right about the six weeks off in between the last regular season game and the Rose Bowl. It's completely silly. Here's the Morning Call with a report from yesterday on Paterno's wish list.