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Brewster wasn't a math major, he's a recruiter

The story of the day is Tim Brewster's bio on and his career record as A coach.  I want to encourage everyone not to assume the easy answer here.  Most are assuming Brewster was logging wins while as assistant coach at UNC, Texas, Denver (NFL) and San Diego (NFL) to come up with his 113-61-1 record.  IF this were the case that would seem silly and insulting really to anyone reading.  Obviously he has been a head coach for just two seasons and by NCAA rules he is limited to 12 games per year (plus rose bowl games).  So there are only two logical explanations for this mishap.Blogthing_medium_medium

  1. This is just a typo.  He meant to type 8-17 but his fingers just got in the way.  Who doesn't accidentally type 113 when trying to type 113, oops I did it again.  That second time I meant to type 8.  I completely understand this typo.  Sometimes when I want to type the I accidentally type teh.  Or sometimes when I'm typing a word that ends in a 't' followed by the word 'it', it looks like "I forgo tit."  That one always makes me LOL on the inside.
  2. He is making a bold prediction.  Over the next 146 games the Gophers will go on to have a 105-41-1 record.  I have no problem with this boldness and look forward to .705 win % over the next 11.5 years.

This is embarrassing and when you go to the website now the bio is currently not showing.  Obviously these sites (,, play4brew twitter, etc) are all recruiting tools and they are going to use whatever they can to make the program look more attractive, but this ridiculous.

High school players who don't know any better may gloss over the "impressive" record and who wouldn't rather have 113 wins.  The problem is that putting up a stat like that is incredibly SHORT-SIGHTED.  Not everyone on this earth is dumb or naive enough to just let that slide.  Someone is going to pick up on it and what was intended to make Brewster and staff look better now makes them look much, much worse.  I envision rival coaches sitting in living rooms with potential recruits and getting said living room full of laughs at the expense of Tim Brewster. 

If you feel like you have a product that is worthy of being sold, then sell it on it's own merits.  Please don't make things up because in the end it looks like you are trying to put lipstick on a pig.