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Daily Nugz 06-15-09

I love this type of article from the Wall Street Journal which tells us how offensive line experience can predict success.  This is a good equation for Gopher fans.  Many of us remember an offensive line that didn't feel like blocking anybody for much of the season last year.  BUT...

Offensive-line experience is one of the telltale predictors of success in college football. Last season, eight of the top 10 teams in the final Associated Press poll began the season with at least 65 combined career starts by their offensive linemen

Well Gopher fans we come into the season with 102 combined career starts, which ranks 8th nationally and 1st in the Big Ten.  I have always been a huge believer in a quality and experienced QB returning as a solid indicator of future success.  Fortunately we have that too. 

The only remaining question is who wants to organize the TDG get-together in Pasadena this year?

  • After much hub-ub Brewster's bio at has been adjusted.  It may still be imperfect but it is at least close.  
  • has their preview of the Gopher game to open the season.
  • The article on the loss of Billy Bye (pictured right) last week.
  • I strongly urge you to checkout this hometown article on Damian Johnson.  The article points out that the former Thibodaux, LA star has actually earned his undergrad degree and will be starting grad school this fall for his final year of eligibility with the Gophers.

    "We have a lot coming back and ESPN has us ranked No. 16 for next year," Johnson said. "With a lot of key contributors coming back and a Top 15 recruiting class, a lot is expected from us, and we expect a lot from ourselves."