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Golden Nugz - Off-season...Off-topic (6-16-09)

For this Wednesday, let's take a break from Gopher sports.  I could give you some more top 25 lists for next year or whatever but lets go off-topic while we are in the off-season.

My top 5 TV shows of all-time.


5. Alias - the show that made Jenifer Garner a star as Sidney Bristow

4. Arrested Development - hilarious show that didn't make it because it was too different from every other comedy out there.  This show was clever and funny.

3. Quantum Leap - "Oh Boy!"  This was my favorite show growing up and Wednesday nights at 9:00 were reserved for Dr. Sam Becket, Al and Ziggy. 

2. Sopranos - a great show with few faults.  I loved the show and I LOVED the finale.

1.  LOST - it has had it's ups and downs but the first two seasons and the most recent season five were outstanding.  The writing is great, the characters are well developed and what for me made this show outstanding was the casting.  Exactly the right actors are playing the right parts.

your thoughts?  your top five?