Tim Brewster's Record Mixup? "Taken Out of Context"

Yesterday Coach Brewster was presented a T-Shirt by a Star Tribune reporter for "winning" a contest with Timberwolf Brian Cardinal to see who could be the first to have 5,000 followers on Twitter.

See sweaty Brewster here:

Brewster does take the opportunity to set everything straight about the recent blowup about his "coaching record" on, which included the records of teams of which he was a tight ends coach or recruiting chief:

"I think that was an innocent deal that people made much more of than they should have. What we were trying to say is that I've been around some great coaches and programs. People like you and other people blew it up. ... It's unfortunate that it was taken out of context. ... I can also see where it can be misconstrued."

My quick thoughts, by sentence: (1) Probably, but probably not given your history of overstatement; (2) Fair point, and true; (3) "blew it up" = reported it? Will he claim the media "blew it up" if it reports on an upset over Cal this fall?; (4) the fallback sports and political cliche of the 21st century. In context (context also including incorrect spelling of "great coach" Mack Brown and recruit Chris Simms) it still said what it said and it was foolish. If it was correct in context, it wouldn't have been edited; (5) see previous sentence. No wonder you changed it.

Now you, Coach Brewster, go take a shower and beat Syracuse.

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