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Golden Nugz for 06-19-09

Remember the guy Tubby wanted to hire but the U of Minn rejected the hiring?  Jimmy Williams already has a negligent misrepresentation suit against the U but now he also has a suing Tubby, requesting damaages in excess of $50,000.

Williams is alleging fraud and negligent misrepresentation. He said he has been unable to find alternative employment as a coach because of the damage caused by Smith's "false representations of authority."

I am not in his shoes, so I don't know what he is goign through, but it would seem suing the guy who wanted to hire isn't going to help you get a job either.  I'm also not a lawyer but it seems like a stretch to me that you can prove that Tubby was fraudulent in this process.  And then I get back to if you can't prove it then you get nothing and your chances of landing a job are much slimmer.

  • Scout has thier top 10 players from Minnesota.  No surprise that Henderson is #1, then in order it is Gjere, Beau Allen, Tobi Okuyemi and Lamonte Edwards to round out the top 5.
  • Gopher volleyball has a former Shakopee standout transferring back.  Jess Menden (ed note: she's cute click on the link :) ) originally signed with TCU and is coming back to the U.
  • I always find this topic very interesting.  The interplay between bloggers and traditional media is fascinating and while I was working at Wolves games I would hear a lot of talk about the struggles of the newspaper and traditional media.  Always very interesting.
  • Finally, Sid tells us that Travis Busch is getting a special waiver from the NCAA and will be allowed to play immediately should he transfer to another D1 school.  Busch is heading to Colorado State.  I had a dream about seeing Busch and asking him about it, that's all that happened.