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The Tim Brewster Era...coming soon

We have finally hit June.  The blogging-doldrums of April and May are behind us and it won't be long before summer practice begins and we'll be kicking off in TCF Stadium.

I started this post a few weeks ago and intended to publish a massive post detailing the success and failures of Tim Brewster in several categories I deemed critical to succeeding as a D1 football coach.  Then it hit me that I don't need a massive post, I can break this up into manageable chunks that are quicker for you to read and take less time for me to research and type.

So in the coming days you can expect to see a series of post where we take a look at the brief 2 year Tim Brewster Era.  I have decided to take a look and judge (without grading) Brewster in the following areas.

  • Public Relations - post coming tomorrow
  • Program Leadership - staff management, accountability, decision making
  • Off the Field Issues - academics and any off-field situations
  • Recruiting
  • On the Field - results, progress and searching for reason for optimism
  • Year Three - what can we expect?

I will begin with the PR post tomorrow and we'll move on from there.  If there are any topics you'd like me to include in this series,  please let me know and I'll be happy to add to this list (provided I have any opinions on the matter).