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Golden Nugz for 06-22-09

Marcus Fuller has a cool article today on what you can really gather from the Howard Pulley Pro-Am Summer League.  He points out that Devron Bostick was the talk of the league (as far as future Gophers were concerned). 

The most impressive Gophers player in the Howard Pulley League last year was wing Devron Bostick, who put up a number of 30-point games to the delight of onlookers who couldn't help but imagine him as an immediate impact player and starter — even possibly the team's scoring leader in 2008-09.

But we all know how little Devron contributed to the season.  Obviously these games are glorified pick-up games, which seems more suited to Boscick's game than a more set system that Tubby requires on both ends of the floor.  On the flip side Sampson and Iverson struggled last summer but went on to be very important contributors to the Gopher's success.  But again this makes sense when you factor their size and what style their abilities are best suited for. 

So these games are fun to watch, but watch with a keen eye.  I was not sold on Bostick a year ago and came away impressed with Iverson.  Watch how they involve their teammates, how they move without the ball, see if they spend any time defending, but do not worry about how many points they are scoring.