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Golden Nugz for 06-23-09

Rodney_mediumAnd the Howard Pully Pro-Am has begun.  Marcus Fuller is Mr. Gopher sporst newspaper guy and he doesn't take the summers off.  Marcus was at the first night of the summer league games and has this to report... 

In a losing cause, Gophers junior guard Blake Hoffarber and incoming freshman Rodney Williams Jr. had 17 and 13 points, respectively. Williams had nearly double digits in blocks (seven) and five dunks, including one when he almost jumped over Nolen on a tip-dunk just before halftime. He also blocked former Gophers player J'son Stamper three times in the first half. Smith will love the way this kid can protect the basket when he's challenged straight up. Fans will also love his breathtaking hops, of course.

I am really excited about Williams.  I've always kind of considered him the third best of our incoming class but he may be the one I am most looking forward to watching.  Freakish talent and will be able to defend at the Big Ten level immediately.

The picture to the right is NOT from the Howard Pulley games, it is from the Inner City Classic and the pics are courtesy of Mike at MN

  • In the same link, Fuller talks about Jacob Thomas.  His words..."he's hands-down the best high school player in Minnesota right now (think of a more athletic Hoffarber)"  If he can get his grades in order he'll look good in Maroon and Gold.
  • Rivals is ranking each D1 team 120 through 1.  They have not yet hit the Gophers (next in line is the top 55 teams) but they have revealed a few of our opponents.  Air Force - 56, Northwestern - 60, Purdue - 76, Syracuse - 102.
  • Rivals also has a few Gophers on their early power rankings.  Eric Decker comes in as their 7th best overall WR and Adam Weber makes their top 25 as the 22nd best QB in the land (Juice Williams is #25).
  • Finally, is anyone else really excited for the NBA Draft on Thursday night?  The Wolves apparently now own the 5th, 6th, 18th and 28th picks in the first round after a trade with the Wizards on Tuesday!  The guys at Canis Hoopus are all over the draft, just ignore anything they say about Steph Curry, I'm telling you we DO NOT want him!
  • Joe Mauer sucks, his average has dropped below .400, time to trade him while his value is still high.  SI curse?