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Golden Nugz for 07-10-09

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Interesting piece of out Vancouver as the Canucks are holding their prospect camp and they seem to be high on drafting Golden Gophers.

The Canucks opened their prospect camp on Monday and once again the comparisons between Jordan Schroeder and Patrick White flared up again. Both Minnesotans, both Golden Gophers, both Canucks first-rounders. But boy, has the Canucks official site really put the hate on White by pretty much calling him a bust. Certainly as a junior next year White hasn’t done anything at the NCAA level to warrant his status as a top pick, but talk about pressure. He’s got the pressure to perform for the Gophers, make the Canucks, prove himself worth the pick, and out do Schroeder. They’re setting him up to fail. Stop the comparisons. They’re not the same player and they don’t play the same game.

Also interesting is that Schroeder had to borrow money from dad to attend the camp. 

Jordan Schroeder, the Vancouver Canucks’ first-round pick in last month’s draft, had to borrow money from his father to attend the NHL team’s prospect camp at the University of British Columbia this week.

Schroeder, who attends the University of Minnesota, is subject to the strict rules of the U.S. National Collegiate Athletic Association. To protect his amateur status, and to be eligible to play for the Golden Gophers later this year, Schroeder had to pay his own way and must take care of his own lodging while in Vancouver.

"I definitely wanted to come and show the organization that I’m interested," said Schroeder, the 22nd pick in the draft who has yet to sign a professional contract. "I wanted to prove to them that I can come in and pay my dues, even if it costs a little bit."

It won't be long and he'll be able to pay dad back, with interest.Megan_wilson_medium