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TCF Bank Stadium will not be in EA's NCAA Football 2010

Entry_mediumFor those of you looking forward to seeing TCF Bank Stadium in next week's release of EA's NCAA Football 2010, I'm sorry to be the one to inform you that the virtual Gophers will still be playing in the Metrodome for one more season.  I had heard that this was going to be the case but wanted to get some confirmation from the folks at EA before posting.  After several attempts to find an e-mail, I was finally successful.

A Sr. Product Manager provided me with the following statement.

"The timing didn't work out for getting the stadium into the game this year. We locked in art before the completion of the stadium but we are working on getting the stadium in for next year. Typically stadiums are ‘completed' so we can get reference photos of actual games then model them out."

Maybe some of you knew this or was expecting this but it is disappointing news nonetheless.  For the last 11 months every time I have sat down to play I've thought about how fun it will be to see TCF in the game.  I know that seeing it in real life will be more than enough, but it certainly would have enhanced the game experience for Gopher fans.  So we'll have to wait another year, but there is good news!  Erin Andrews will be in the game!