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Memorial Stadium 1924 - 1992

In lieu of the Nugz tomorrow, I want to pass along this from the University of Minnesota.  Before we get to enjoy the bells and whistles of TCF Bank Stadium, it is a good idea to take a look back to the golden days of Golden Gopher football.

Here is the link to the U's Memorial Stadium website.  While i want you to read the stuff I write (that's kind of the point) right now you should click on that link and ignore the rest of this post.  But be prepared to spend considerable time there. 

Look at this picture, specifically the scoreboard!  That thing is TINY, not more than 10% of the stadium could even read that thing.  Compare that to the new scoreboard going up at TCF, don't laugh outloud you'll look silly at work.


And how about these videos!  You can watch highlights from the 1932 thriller against Michigan.  I don't want to ruin it for you but the Wolverines win 0-3!

Just the old pics and videos alone are outstanding but this site covers Memorial Staidum comprehensively.  There is stuff about the construction, cheerleading, the band, scientific endeavors and even letters from alumni urging the U to keep Gopher football on campus.  Before we get to more pics, be sure to go here and share your stories and memories from Memorial Stadium.

Here is a small sample of the pictures you will find.  A great shot of the Jug, overhead next to the Barn, the marching band in Jug formation, a creepy Goldy, Tony Dungy and Bronco Nagurski.

The_jug_medium Overhead_with_the_barn_medium Chearleader_and_goldy_medium

Band_in_jug_formation_medium Bronco_nagurski_medium Tony_duny_medium

slightly more after the jump...

This is Ray Christianson putting his request on paper.  He was so right and fortunately Mr. Christianson will get to see Gopher football back on campus, where it belongs.

TCF is absolutely incredible, but this website looking back at what we once had is tremendous!