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TDG announces personnel changes

As you all know, PJS has decided to take a significant step back from The Daily Gopher.  While he is not gone for good, he is stepping back enough that I needed to recruit some help.  So after much arm twisting and promises of great blogging riches I am happy to announce that TDG will no longer be understaffed.

Buck Bravo has graciously decided to move on over in the blogging world.  After blogging the Gophers over at Buck Bravo, Buck is joining us at TDG to provide some sound analysis and we finally have a great football mind.  BB also brings some computer savvy-ness and I'm looking forward to some of the things we can add to TDG in our continual effort to make or community better.  He does have season tickets so feel free to e-mail him and offer some inappropriate services or your first born, you never know what he'll accept. 

JG2112 is also be joining the "staff" as a regular contributor.  JG has already been posting a bit and will really bring a look at college football from a different perspective.  A passionate Gopher fan who may also enjoy seeing Michigan do well, but don't hold that against him.  I wasn't exactly sure what JG2112 stood for, so I asked him and it turns out he has a weird obsession with the 267th column in Excel and then 2112 is the year the world is going to end so it makes sense I guess. 

Those are not lengthy introductions but I wanted to let you all know what is going on and we will get things kicked off officially next week.  It is unfortunate that PJS was leaving but we'll try to replace him (notice it's taking two guys) and carry on TDG.  These guys are excited about TDG and more excited about the Gopher football season.  I'm looking forward to brining you our version of analysis while all along never hiding from or apologizing for being a fan of the team we write about.  Get ready for a fun footall, basketball and hockey season; and be prepared to come here to talk about it with other passionate Gopher fans.