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Daily Nugz for Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Check back later today for a preview of the Gophers' tilt on October 17th against Penn State. In meantime, eat up:

(1) Here is the latest twist in the recruitment of Cretin-Derham Hall's Seantrel Henderson. ESPN has reported (follow the link, scroll down or search for "Seantrel") that Florida, Ohio State and USC are going to be Henderson's finalists because they compete for championships and put offensive linemen in the NFL.

This is what I had previously thought would doom Brewster's recruitment of Seantrel. Although Brewster has great NFL connections, and now has an offensive line coach with his kid at CDH to pester him with NFL experience, the proof is in the pudding, and the pudding hasn't been cooked yet in Minneapolis where it concerns Brewster's ability to place players in the pros. It's only July, however, and surely isn't final. Let's not forget Henderson made these comments in South Carolina, at a basketball camp, and made them to a Florida Gators affiliated website.

Bottom line here: Henderson will announce on Signing Day. Minnesota's record this fall will have a lot to do with where he signs to play football. If the Gophers go 6-6, well, then we can expect to see Seantrel in TCF in 2010 playing against the Gophers - take your pick whether he suits up in red and gold, or scarlet and grey.

(2) Here's an interview with Holy Angels (MN) prospect Karl Inoferio, who apparently likes the Gophers, but doesn't have enough pull to get a tour of the new locker room.

(3) I'm a big soccer fan. David Beckham, to me, is soccer's answer to Brett Favre. Here's how he was received by his home fans on Sunday in an exhibition match with his 'other team,' Italian power AC Milan.

Bottom line: As with Favre, Beckham has no ability to accept criticism, is surrounded by yes-people, and only does what is in David Beckham's best interests to his teams' detriment. To this I say, Minnesota VIkings fans, you've been warned.

(4) From time to time I find the Gophers uniforms a little staid, a little boring. I did cringe at the mustard jerseys we broke out against Ohio State in 2007. Hopefully we never see those again. But I thank Bernie Bierman every day that I don't have to buy an Oregon jersey. Or, jerseys.

(5) If you thought NBC's promotion of Notre Dame was relentless and over the top, you ain't seen nothing yet. Remember the FOX commentator during the national title game between Florida and Oklahoma earlier this year informing everyone that if you spend even ten minutes in Tim Tebow's presence, you're a better person for it? Well, you can expect this kind of hype all year as the college football media attempt to appoint Tebow as the greatest college football player of all time (yes, he's a great leader, but not the best. It's too contrived - I'd select Archie Griffin, Barry Sanders, Herschel Walker, Charles Woodson, Vince Young or even Bo Jackson rather than Tebow). It seems to me to be a conflict of interest where the media can repeatedly pound you over the head saying that a player will be the best of all time if his team wins another national title and/or another Heisman, and part of the selection process for those awards is ...... voting by the media. Nonetheless, if you like him, Dan Shanoff has created the Tim TeBlog.

What do you all think? If Tebow wins either a national title or Heisman this year, who is the greatest college football player of all time? If I've left out your choice, place him / her in the comments below.