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Golden Nugz 7.22.2009

  • In preparation for the opening of TCF Bank Stadium, University police are attempting to develop procedures to prevent and control alcohol-related incidents:
    "Check BAC is modeled after a University of Wisconsin-Madison program. If a student is caught for underage consumption or ejected from the stadium for public intoxication, they are automatically enrolled in the program. If the student comes back to a game that same season, they will be required to provide a breath sample on a portable breath tester."
    They're probably looking for advice from the right place.  I genuinely intend this as a compliment, but I know of no regional population that parties harder than Wisconsinites.  If the University of Minnesota implements a "party control" policy similar to that in Madison, I doubt that TCF Bank Stadium will experience any unpreventable incidents.
  • Casino oddsmakers invest extensive time and resources into predicting the outcomes of sporting events and seasons.  For 2009, lists the odds of winning the NCAA Football Championship as follows for current favorites and other Big Ten teams:
    Florida 2:1
    Oklahoma 9:2
    Texas 11:2
    USC 6:1
    Ohio State 12:1
    Penn State 30:1
    Michigan State 75:1
    Illinois 75:1
    Iowa 100:1
    Wisconsin 100:1
    Michigan 150:1
    Minnesota 150:1
    Purdue 150:1
    Northwestern N/A
    Indiana N/A
    It's odd that Northwestern didn't make the list whatsoever after last year's successful season, but at least the Gophers are at the same level as Michigan in the eyes of the oddsmakers.
  • Another sports betting analyst gives an unbiased analysis of Minnesota's likely performance in 2009.
  • Iowa has locked in Kirk Ferentz for several years to come. Ferentz will be receiving $3 million a year for the next 7 years.
  • An Iowa blog predicts notes that the Hawkeyes will likely finish 5th in the Big Ten.
    Personally, I think that Iowa improved greatly as the 2008 season progressed. The trip to Kinnick Stadium should be an excellent progress test for the Gophers in 2009.