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Golden Nuggz 7.23.09

The Fergus Falls Daily Journal has a story on Josh Campion who will not be joining the Gophers this fall, but instead will be grey-shirting and officially enrolling in January.  This isn't breaking news and this article is a week old, but it is an interesting read. 

Many of you likely know that Campion underwent a minor procedure on his back which will keep him from participating this season.  But it will also allow him to grey-shirt which delays his 5-year eligibility window.

"I think this is going to be a blessing in disguise," Campion said. "I’m going to use this extra time to get myself 100-percent ready to play college football next year."

Aside from his daily physical therapy and training sessions with his brother Pete — a former NFL lineman and NDSU graduate — Campion will spend a large portion of the offseason getting acclimated to his new position at center.

"As a center at the D-I level, you are required to know every opponents defensive plays and alignments," Campion said. "That’s a big key to the position, just recognizing what the defense is doing in front of you and communicating that your teammates."

I was unaware that he was being brought in as a center but maybe he's being groomed for that role in a couple years. 

In January of 1995, when Shaun Alexander was a senior at Boone County High School and one of the top running backs in the country, he had narrowed his college choices to two: Michigan and Alabama. According to Boone County coach Rick Thompson, the All-American’s official visits to the schools were decidedly different.

Alexander drove through a snowstorm to Michigan, where the school’s recruiting hostesses greeted him in their standard-issued khaki pants and golf shirts.

A week later, Alabama representatives picked him up in a private jet. On the way to Tuscaloosa, the pilot slid over and let Alexander fly. Once on campus he was greeted by a group of sundress-wearing co-eds named the ’Bama Belles. The young lady assigned to Alexander was the reigning Miss Alabama runner-up.

He went to Alabama.

Wouldn't you love to know some recruiting stories from Brewster and staff?