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Daily Nugz for Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lots of Nugz to digest here. Start eating now:

(1) Scout released their Big Ten preseason positional rankings yesterday. You'll notice that our defense is perceived to be, well, trash. I disagree - the D-line is pretty big and quick, the linebackers were very fluid at the Spring Game, and the D-backs seemed sound. These rankings seemed to be done by someone looking at returning depth charts who had done little research into player development.

(2) Here's 's roundup of yesterday's goings on at Big Ten Media Day.

(3) Also, the Gopher mothership recently published a preview of the first-ever game at The Vault against Air Force on 9/12/09. Of course, if you want non-official (read: not sugar coated) research and insight into the game, read our preview here.

(4) Really? North Dakota?

(5) This is an interesting post about building a successful defense, starting in training camp.

Finally, Michael Vick has been conditionally reinstated to the NFL.

Imagine this backfield - Brett Favre in the shotgun, flanked on either side by Michael Vick and Adrian Peterson. Bernard Berrian out wide, Percy Harvin in the slot. Good luck to you.

How about a barely tangentially related to Minnesota poll: