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Golden Nugz for 07-06-09

I hope everyone had a fun 4th of July weekend and I hope everyone is returning to work and TDG with all 10 te same amount of fingers and toes that you entered the weekend with.

Athlon has a full preview of the Gophers and their lede is that the winds of change are blowing up here.  Good change is the six win increase from 2007 to 2008, the return of a ton of starters and a brand new stadium.  Bad change? Or at least change that can end up bad...a new defensive coordinator and a new offensive coordinator. 

"Now is a hard step — this next step, from where do you go from seven wins and being a bowl team to winning 10 games, or 11 games. I made the statement when I took the job here that our goal is to win a Big Ten championship. I have firm belief that it can and will happen after having been here and going into my third (season at Minnesota)."

I am always fascinated by this topic.  I don't think it is terribly difficult to move from terrible to mediocre.  And I think being mediocre you will occasionally have a good season.  But how do you move from mediocre to consistenly good and even great.  A top for another day, but for now enjoy the Athlon preview.