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Golden Nugz for 07-08-09

Hey, today is 7-8-9.  Now on to the Nugz...

The Quad is continuing their countdown of all 120 D1 teams and yesterday they came out with #57-Michigan and #58-Air Force.  I know these rankings are incredibly subjective and meaningless, but at the very least this should give us reason to not overlook Air Force or the wil beat us.

But there’s plenty to like, starting with the young backfield combination of Clark and Jefferson and continuing with a stellar secondary. The team will also excel in the turnover battle, giving it a leg up over the competition. And, most important, the team has a terrific young coach in Calhoun, who has shown nothing but promise since taking over the program in 2007. Add it all together, and you get another eight-win season from the Falcons.

We'll keep an eye on what exactly that starting backfield will be but the Gopher defense will have to be disciplined and the Gopher offense will be facing a 3-4 defense for the first time in a while so out boys better be ready for this one and not look ahead to Cal the next week.