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Golden Nuggz 7.09.09

There has been some good stuff coming out of ESPN this week.  At least stuff wroth commenting on and reading. I'll start with this brief blog article from ACC blogger, Heather Dinich.  She is commenting on the recent Senate discussions into the BCS and possible anti-trust.

If non-BCS teams like Utah want to work their way into contention for the national championship, they've got to beat teams like Oklahoma, Texas and play other gauntlet-type schedules the BCS conferences have to face. One of the reasons Florida earned a No. 1 ranking is because it beat LSU, Georgia, Alabama, etc. Beating Weber State and Utah State won't cut it.

This is partially true.  You have to beat good teams to have a shot at a national championship.  But the key to all of this isn't comapring schedules and picking the most worth teams with the strongest schedules.  The fact is that Utah beat some very good teams.  Florida beat more good teams, Oklahoma beat some more good teams, but they didn't beat every team.  Assuming Utah makes an attempt to play a good schedule and they actually win every one of their games, they should be allowed to play for a national championship. 

I'm not a huge Utah apologist and I don't believe they were the best team in college football, but they deserved a shot.  It is incredibly difficult for teams in the Mountain West to consistently schedule good teams from BCS conferences.  They got Oregon and Michigan on their schedules last year.  Went on the road for both and beat them.  They beat TCU and they beat BYU.  I understand the rest of their schedule was weak and it is easier to make this argument after they beat Alabama.  But I believe they deserved a shot. 

Regardless of what you think about the system, the bottom line is strength of schedule, and the teams that finish atop the final BCS standings have it.

No, the bottom line is winning your games in a strong schedule.  Florida was rewarded for losing a home game and Utah was left out in the cold for winning every game on their schedule.  It isn't right.

  • With all of that said, the Mountain West took the money rather than take a stand on princple by signing the BCS agreement.
  • This story out of ESPN on how recruits are using social networking to their advantage is very interesting as well.
  • CHECK THIS OUT, this Boston College marketing ploy is really good.
  • Finally, this is a ridiculous story. Apparently LeBron was dunked on during one of his Nike skills camps.  immediately either LeBron or Nike decided all video needed to be confiscated so it didn't end up on YouTube.  REALLY?  Is this really going to hurt LeBron's image?  If video gets out it is a joke for a few days.  But instead he looks like an insecure, superstar with a fragile ego.  I'm sure endorsments would go running and opponents would see his one weakness if this video ever gets out.