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Daily Nugz for Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Good morning. Fall practice began for the Gophers yesterday. You can see here, unfortunately, that the injuries are beginning to pile up.  Also here is some information from Strib blogger Kent Youngblood, and he'd like you to stop cursing too. Also here is some information from the early morning conditioning tests yesterday.

On that note, let's look at other football news in the conference and nationally:

(1) If you were able to stay awake during Minnesota's loss to Michigan last year, you may remember seeing Justin Feagin break a 34-yard Wildcat run in the second quarter. Here is an amazing recounting of why he was kicked off the Michigan football team in July, for (allegedly?) trying to broker an interstate cocaine transaction, which led to a junkie setting a Michigan dorm on fire.

(2) If you're a female who loves topless Gophers, sign up for the Gopher womens' clinic being held on August 28th.

(3) Nebraska is a pre-season number 22 pick of the NY Times' Quad Blog. That may be about right. And, it would be awesome for the Gophers to play Nebraska in a bowl game this year.

(4) Finally, congratulations to Maryland coach Ralph Friedgen, who has lost over 100 pounds. Mark Mangino, you're next. Do it for your health.