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The Daily Gopher turns 1 today

Happy_birthday_to_me_mediumHappy Birthday to us! 


  • After 539 posts
  • nearly 190,000 unique visits and 317,000 page views
  • thousands of comments

The Daily Gopher has survived it's first full year.  It all begain with this little introduction and through it all we've been able to cover the Gopher football win in Illinois, we were on hand for the 55-0 debacle and the Gopher basketball win over Louisville which was the catalyst to our first NCAA tournament appearance in a while.

I'm not going to waste a ton of space patting ourselves on our back, but this has been a fun ride.  SBN has given us great tools and it is a blast to be covering the Gophers right now.  But the thing that has been the biggest surprise is how much fun it is getting to interact and banter with all of the 434 members who have chosen to comment and take part in this community.

Thank you for coming to check us out!