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Golden Nuggz 8.12.2009

  • If you're going to drink before entering TCF Bank Stadium, make sure that you're legal.  USA Today is reporting that there will be breathalyzer tests administered to students.  Such a policy could help ensure that the crowd is not offensively loud or obnoxious, which would create an unfair advantage for the home team and leave visiting teams with the impression that Minnesota is not a gracious host.
  • Justin Feagin was apparently dismissed from the Michigan football team for a failed cocaine deal.  In 2005, Feagin commented on his future:
  • "Hopefully, I'll be in the NFL," Feagin said. "That's where I want to go. If that doesn't work out, then I'll go into business. Something with my uncle doing drug testing. He runs a drug testing business."

    It turns out that the fox was looking to guard the hen house.  Feagin admits that he has been a drug dealer for some time:

    Police reports obtained by the Free Press include an interview in which Feagin, 20, tells investigators that he was arrested for trespass and battery "on two different occasions" while adding, "I have admitted to people I know that I used to sell drugs in Florida."

    At Michigan, too:

    Police spoke to Feagin in the aftermath of a fire outside his dorm room. T.J. Burke, a Michigan student, admitted to setting the fire after Feagin failed to produce an ounce cocaine he had promised to obtain from a Florida connection referred to as "Tragic."

    And there's more:

    Feagin told police that he arranged the deal and accepted $600 as a partial payment. 

    "I told (Burke) that I knew someone who could get him some cocaine," Feagin said in his police interview. "A few days later, he asked me if I had talked to the person yet. I called right then and set up the deal." 

    Although Feagin said he did not sell drugs in Michigan, Burke told police that it was "common knowledge" that Feagin peddled marijuana.

    A partial payment for an ounce of cocaine and a torched dorm room: $600.00.  Losing a full scholarship for a free education at Michigan, losing a chance to make big bucks either playing in the NFL or working for alumni after college, working towards a future behind bars in a Supermax Big House opposed to playing football in Michigan's Big House, and permanently recording your legacy in history as that of a complete idiot: that's downright "Tragic."

    And for RichRod's reaction?:
    Rodriguez told reporters in Ann Arbor, Mich., on Monday that he also did not know of any trouble in Feagin's past.
  • According to this sports betting blog, Minnesota is currently favored over Syracuse by 6.5 points.
  • Apparently Ted Roof is still trying to recruit in Minnesota.  Offensive tackle Chase Nelson of Edina was visiting Auburn this week.
  • The Star Tribune features an article that asks five critical questions for the Gopher football team this season.  Click here for details.