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Breathalyzers to enter TCF? Only for some...

I saw Buck's mention of this in the Nugz below and wanted to follow up on it.  It seems crazy that all students would be subject to a breathalyzer test in order to gain entrance into TCF for football games this fall.  And even more unbelievable that this new rule has been patterned after a similar at the University of Wisconsin.

As it turns out the program actually sounds like a good idea.  The program is called Check BAC (blood alcohol content) and the general student population will not be subject to passing this test to get in.

"Check BAC" is modeled after a University of Wisconsin-Madison program. If a student is caught for underage consumption or ejected from the stadium for public intoxication, they are automatically enrolled in the program. If the student comes back to a game that same season, they will be required to provide a breath sample on a portable breath tester.

That sounds much more reasonable and practical.  So basically anybody who has had previous issues will be subject to this test before given a second chance to get back into the stadium.

In addition to the University's attempt to keep the rif-raf out, they are also dealing with the logistical nightmare of 50,000+ on campus during gamedays who will be tailgating and enjoying the area before kickoff.

University police have hired dozens of police officers from more than 20 other jurisdictions to help out on a part-time basis, in addition to their own 46 full-time officers, bringing the total number of game-day police to about 100.

Though many who will be working the games this fall have worked Gophers games at the Metrodome, all officers working at the new stadium will have to go through orientation sessions in late July and early August to become familiar with the stadium, as well as how the logistics of tailgating and traffic control will work.

Saturday afternoons this fall will be vastly different then they have been for nearly 30 years and gameday-2009 won't be your grandparents gameday experience, that is for certain.  Raise your hand if you are even remotely excited for Sept. 12!!!