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Golden Nugz 8.13.09

ESPN's Adam Rittenberg was able to get some time to interview Adam Weber.  As usual much of the interview is the typical, cliched answers but there is some valuable information in there on Hayo Carpenter, learning the new offense and the offensive line...

AR -  Do you feel that you have the offense down at this point, or is it not quite there?

AW: It's not quite there. If we were ready to go, I couldn't wait for the season to start. But I'm glad we still have [25] more practices before our game because we're going to need all of them. But it's exciting to see how we came out with an expectation and a sense of urgency. There weren't a lot of mistakes out there that you'd typically see on the first day [of practice]. It's exciting to know we're moving in the right direction. After the seventh or eighth practice, we'll have 100 percent of our offense [installed]. And then it's to the quarterback's comfort level, what I want to do out there. Coach Fisch has given the freedom to the quarterback. He wants it to be where you're almost an offensive coordinator out there, so if you're seeing a look and we want to change the play, just go ahead. 'Just be right,' is all Coach Fisch has to say.

I'm at least a little concerned that the offense isn't quite there, but it is to be expected.  But I love the fact that Weber is given the freedom to make decisions on the field.  The kid is very experienced and has seen a lot in his two seasons.  Being a "smart" QB is a strength of Weber's and at this piont he better be able to read defenses and make the appropriate calls at the line.  This will be an interesting thing to watch as we go through the season.

AR - Everyone is interested in how your offensive line is coming along. They might have the most changes to deal with as far as the new offense. What are you seeing from that group?

AW: Just from being up here in the offseason, they have been one of the hardest-working position groups on the team. They were challenged by coach [Tim] Brewster and challenged by coach [Tim] Davis and Coach Fisch to establish an attitude, establish a sense of aggressiveness. They definitely have put in the time and effort in the offseason. They did all the extra work that wasn't even asked of them. It was great to see that. They have that commitment level to this program and to themselves getting better. Just looking at them today, it looks like things are going to be very, very good for our running game and for our offense. The attitude has changed, so it's nice to see.

I love to hear that they have done the extra work that was not required of them.  They have the most to prove and their play could easily be the difference between 4-8 and 8-4.  Seriously, if they play far above expectations and help to really establish the run game we will surprise a lot of people.  But if the protection and running lanes are as bad as they were a year ago we are in huge trouble.

AR - Is [wide receiver] Hayo Carpenter the real deal?

AW: It might be too early to tell, but he's definitely a talented, talented athlete who has the knack for going up and getting the ball. He's done many good things in his career so far. Now it's just a matter of him getting comfortable in this offense. He'll be a big part of this offense, and he'll be able to make plays for us. It's just a matter of him putting in the time, learning this offense and getting comfortable with his role on the team.

Nothing was really answered, but I'm looking forward to this question also being answered.