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Your Gopher Football Preseason Directory

With the 2009 season fast approaching, true football fans often want to monitor the progress and development of their team.  I've put together a collection of links that should cover most of the sites that will frequently provide unique updates, videos, and progress reports for Gopher football.  Just add this article to your favorites, and you can return daily for a road map to your daily gopher fix:

  •, the official website for the University, will post updated news features and videos at this link.
  • The videos featured on are collected for viewing over at this YouTube link.
  • is a site built for potential recruits to check out the Gopher football program.  Click here to view the site.
  • The videos at are collected for viewing over at this YouTube link.
  • offers an active chat board that often features news scoops at this link.
  • also has an active discussion board at this link.
  • Jeremy and Jeff Around are posting Gopher football articles over at the Golden Gopher Football Blog.
  • The Pioneer Press has devoted a page to Gopher football at this link.
  • Ben Ramsden of the Pioneer Press blogs about the Gophers at this site.
  • The Star Tribune has a Gopher football blog run by Kent Youngblood at this link.

If I missed any good links, please include them in the comments.  I'll edit the article to make sure that it covers as many sources of information as possible.