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Golden Nuggz 8.19.2009

  • Minnesota is currently favored to win over Syracuse by 7 points, depending on the site that sets the odds.
  • Doc's Sports Service lists the Gophers as being +2500 to win the Big Ten Championship.  As a comparison, Ohio State is at +150 and Iowa is at +550:
  • With all the excitement over the new stadium Gopher fans did not exactly get the most exciting schedule to watch. All four key games - Northwestern, Penn State, Ohio State, and Iowa - are on the road where Minnesota has been historically poor. This could have been a great year if the home crowd could have affected those games, but, alas, this looks like another solid bowl season for Tim Brewster and crew - but that isn't the bet in question.

  • Syracuse blogger Troy Nunes has a feature article regarding former Duke basketball player Greg Paulus' status as the new starting quarterback for the Orange:
  • A guy who hasn't played football for four years and is best known as being America's version of an Italian soccer player just beat out every other guy on the roster to take the starting quarterback role. If anyone other team was doing this, we'd laugh to.

  • Chicago Sports Then and Now predicts a 9th place finish for the Gophers, and that Juice Williams is the favorite for Big Ten Player of the Year...over Terrelle Pryor...seriously?
  • California Golden Blogs has a feature article about their quarterbacks, and Kevin Riley's projected claim to the starting spot:
  • As you can see, Riley doesn't throw many interceptions. His sample size is of course smaller (only threw about 2/3rds as many attempts as most of the others). But you can see the percentage of interceptions he throws harkens back to the Aaron Rodgers days in terms of its low percentage, and we can only hope that given a full season he can replicate those numbers (and let's be fair to Longshore, he brought his INT numbers well down too).

  • 2010 commit Matt Eggen is featured in an article at
  • Logan coach Wally Gnewikow has praised his three-year starter's footwork regularly. He also said it's hard to ignore his college frame and wide wingspan.

    "He isn't just another big kid," Gnewikow said. "He can do the blocks they'll need him to do in the college game."

    "He can combo-block, he can get out to the linebacker, and he's good with his pass-drops."

  • Gopher hockey commit Zach Budish is featured as a prospect on the rise at a hockey blog.  He may play only one season for the Gophers, but his future is bright:
  • He gives the U.S.A some beef who can skate up front. A more skilled version of Dustin Byfuglien might not be ready for prime time in 2014 but is certainly one to watch at this year's WJC.