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Fantasy Football, Fantasy Football, Fantasy Football

Now that I have your attention I want to direct you towards some fantasy football before it is too late.  It is that time of year to orgnaize your league with friends who will beat you and remind you all offseason, then you will sign up for far too many leagues and not have time to update all rosters to account for byes. Let me be your enabler.

College Fantasy Football 

This is fairly new, I participated last year but CBS offers college leagues with actual player names.  This is a lot of fun and I have set up a TDG league (9 of 10 spots filled).  But even if you do not get into our TDG league, I highly recommend you join a league and play.  You'll be at a distinct advantage in other leagues as Decker, Weber, etc will fall farther than they should because nobody wants to take a Gopher.

The leagues are free, they have actual player names, you can choose which conferences you want to have as a draft pool, etc.  For college fans this is pretty new and a lot of fun.

NFL Fantasy Football on CBS Sports 

I'm sure nearly everyone who is visiting TDG has played fantasy football, probably multiple leagues.  I would suggest that if you are looking for a site to host your private league you take a look at CBS Fantasy Football Commissioner.  There is a fee involved but by using the link provided you will save $80 and get the commissioner features for $99. 

I don't care where you run your fantasy football league, but if you already use or are planning to use CBS Commissioner, you absolutely should use this link and save yourself some cash.

Do what you want with the links provided.  Sign up or don't, but the college league is unique and highly recommended.  And if you already plan on shelling out for a commissioner program, this offer from CBS is at the very least worth looking at.