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Daily Nugz for Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It doesn't matter how many interviews you do, Plaxico. You carried an unlicensed gun in New York City. See you in 2012:

(1) The NFL-ization of the Gopher offense continues with the news that Jedd Fisch is implementing a system of up to 500 signs to call the offensive plays. What's the import of this? Well, it may mean a false start or two, or a timeout or two, in the event there is a mixup in signals or any delay in getting them into Weber / Gray.

(2) This is a piece of news I thought I'd pick up on here: Brewster is thinking of playing freshman TE Ra'Shede Hagemen....on defense. The reason why I bring this up: as I watched the scrimmage on Saturday, I noticed a defensive player, #86, wearing a white jersey. I remarked to Mrs. JG2112 that the only #86 was Hageman, and hypothesized that perhaps he was being moved to the D. I then later saw Hageman playing TE. Is there really a need to do this if the depth on both lines is so good? What's wrong with redshirting the kid if he's 3rd string on the offense?

(3) Looks like Kevin Riley has been named the Cal starting QB for their opener at home to Maryland.

(4) This is a good recap of the recent mud-slinging match between the prior and current Florida coaches, Ron Zook and Urban Meyer. The more I hear, read, and learn about Urban Meyer, the less I like the man. I've read enough stories of his negative recruiting (as if the head coach of Florida needs to negative recruit), his cheap shots at other coaches, and his inability to keep his players off the arrest blotter to think this guy, although a winner, is probably not a good fit in South Bend.

(5) Well, this isn't good news. If you like the NHL, ultimate fighting and very very regional college football, well, Versus may be dropped from DirecTV this week. Versus is scheduled to televise a few college football games, including Texas at Wyoming on 9/12.