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Golden Nuggz 8.26.2009

  • The Washington Post has a feature article discussing the implications of fan sites upon recruiting regulations.  This article is definitely worth the read.  Apparently it is against the rules for fans to be involved in the recruiting of athletes, but unofficial fan sites seem to fall into a gray area.  Leave it to a Kentucky fan who has a website to set the bar high, raise a few eyebrows, and spoil the fun for everybody else:
  • Throughout the decade, transgressions have ranged from some Internet reporters wearing team polo shirts at events to what occurred earlier this decade at Kentucky, which banned one fan, Brian Poe, from having any involvement with the school's athletic program for 27 years. The offense: Poe, who ran a Kentucky fan Web site, inappropriately interviewed high school football prospects and circulated e-mails to his subscribers asking for help in recruiting athletes and encouraging them to contact prospects. What's more, he allowed a junior college recruit to live in his house.

  • The Wiz of Odds has a feature article on the Gophers leading into the 2009 season:
  • Coach Tim Brewster and six players are pictured in the Bank's locker room, which is 60 yards long by 25 yards wide. It contains 120 cherry wood lockers and is the largest in professional and college football. Having spiffy digs is nice, but will this team make Minnesotans proud? The Gophers must come out of the tailspin that concluded the 2008 season, when the team lost its last five, including a 55-0 humbling by Iowa in Minnesota's final game in the Metrodome.

  • Highly recruited running back Andre Dawson from Cedar Rapids, Iowa weighs in on his current recruitment:Dawson said he has a couple of official college visits he wants to take after football season ends. "I'm pretty sure I'll commit after the playoffs," he said.
  • "All seven of my offers right now are in the Midwest. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Cincinnati, Purdue, Kansas, Illinois ..." He blanked out on the seventh school, so I said "Iowa?"

    "Yeah, Iowa."

  • The Penn State collegian features an article on the Gophers that lists their best players as Traye Simmons and Eric Decker, and predicts a finish in the middle of the pack for the Big Ten:
  • Excitement is certainly building around the program and Brewster has recruited well, but a rough schedule that includes trips to Penn State, Ohio State and Iowa and a lack of playmakers on defense will keep Minnesota in the middle of the Big Ten pack.

  • Defensive line prospect Antonio Ford from Pahokee, Florida will be joining Doral Willis for a visit to Minnesota:
  • Ford said he likes the fact that they have "cool weather up there," that's he's tired of practicing in the heat so much, and that he wants to "try something new." It's definitely cooler, temperature-wise at least, in Minnesota than South Florida, especially in January and February.

  • The East Coast Roast predicts a fifth place finish for the Gophers in the Big Ten along with a bowl game.