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Golden Nuggz 8.03.09

Welcome to August and let the countdown to fall camp begin.  This pic should wet your appetite for what is coming this fall...


  • Athlon has their JUCO's to watch in 2009 and not surprisingly Hayo Carpenter is on the list for receivers. 
    The Golden Gophers are set on one side with Eric Decker returning, but Carpenter should be the No. 2 the offense was missing last year. He has been clocked at 4.37 in the 40-yard dash and the Gophers could use him as an impact return man. Carpenter comes to Minnesota with a lot of hype
  • Play4Brew is Brewster's recruiting website, now he has Played4theU for former Gophers to stay connected to the U.  I think we are getting a little carried away with websites, but send this to all of your friends who used to play for the Gophers on Saturdays.
  • I mentioned this in the comments last week, but it is interesting and I wanted to share again.  I'm not commenting on any one school being better than another, it's just interesting!
  • Not all that relevant to a Gopher site, since no former coach is on this list, but the Sporting News lists their 50 greatest coaches of all time.
  • And another off-topic (I promise we'll cover the Gophers this week), Nihilist in Golf Pants has their top 11 reasons Brett Favre Spurned the Vikings.